Buying Back My Childhood Toys

Somewhere along the way in my 60+ life span, I lost my childhood toys. When I encounter them at thrift, I buy them back. I didn't have these two exact dolls (49 cents each), but I had ones that were similar. When I found them, I held them in the palm of my hand like magical talismans. 

I also buy Madame Alexander dolls. The one and only doll my grandmother bought for me was a MA granny doll. I eventually bought her back a few years ago (she had disappeared too). 

So many other toys I don't remember until I see them secondhand or in images from Christmas past. 

And on to one of my favorite past times - selling sewing patterns. This is the box where the sewing pattern sessions magic happens. I list a round of 25-30 at a time. September will be the push into the holiday season. 

Here is the sewing pattern death pile that totals over 100 of them. 

I hit the reselling milestones of $2,000 for a 90-day total and $225 for a one week's total. That is a lot of little items, rather than one big one. I sold the Winnie the Pooh honeypot toy, bought for $1 and sold for $25. 

Just used one of my eBay store subscriber shipping supplies credit of $25 to buy 100 more of the 9" x 11" poly mailers. After I wrap the sewing pattern in a bit of fabric, it fits perfectly in that mailer. 

When I think I have hit maximum level sewing pattern inventory, I find a slew more. This time it was a return to a thrift shop in Jackson, California. Seems there were so many patterns, they weren't released all at once but over the course of a few weeks. 

Here is a fun pattern from the bunch I listed this weekend, a 1998 Butterick Teletubbies Po and Laa-Laa costumes. I know absolutely nothing about Teletubbies but I do know specialty costume patterns like this one are sure sellers.


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