Reselling Saved My Sanity and Return to Office

If it weren't for my sales on eBay, I would not have been able to ever leave the house during lockdown. Because the delivery of my packages was considered essential, I earned short 30 minute respites from the home/work environment.  

Now it is time to make another change. My current position as a paralegal is 100% remote work and has been determined it will remain that way. While some might revel in that opportunity, it is like serving a prison term for me. I live in a remote and isolated area. Working remote means near total isolation and for a social person like me, it is a tough go. I have applied for in office jobs with the state. That means even accepting a demotion to a lower position, if I have to. 

I have also had an odd experience with remote working. I was hired remotely. I was trained remotely. I have never met most of my co-workers in person. For some of my co-workers, they never appear on camera for video meetings. I have mixed feelings about that. The only word that comes to mind is "disconcerting." 

I have really tried to adjust to this new working environment. Part of in-office working was the social component, being with friends, enjoying coffee together, walking around the Capitol grounds. There are so many places to walk during breaks, so many wonderful restaurants (even thrift shops) in Sacramento. 

When I think of working in my remote office bedroom for another 5+ years, it makes me scream inside. I was able to do it because I had to. Now I am choosing not to do it, because I want to. 


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