It is a Push Pull Thing

I am in the middle of listing needle kits for sale on eBay. More than once, I have pulled a kit to keep for myself and then put it back in the listing pile. When you sell items that you like (that is a good sign by the way), it is hard to part with them sometimes. This Chintz Cats needlepoint kit was pulled from listing (yet again) to retain as a keeper.
I have a full-sized tapestry I continue to hold on to. It is one of those denial situations. When will I ever devote time to that project? IDK 

It really is best that I continue to collect OPA (Other People's Artwork). I do love needlepoints and cross-stitch pictures but, I hate to admit, they will always be bumped off the wall for original paintings. 

Sharing the newest update to my sewing room annex. The brocade panels were a recent yard sale $5 purchase. The quilt a recent completion. The room still needs upgraded curtain rods, and the bed, a box spring and frame. 
The beloved abstract in that same room has found a home amongst my G.I. Joe toys + others, and the stacks of quilting and sewing books. 
This Nyform Troll finally went onto the listing boards. I kept him for awhile. He is so ugly, he is cute.

After this round of needlekit listings, I will plunge back into CDs (non-holiday ones). For those I have listed currently that have not moved, I will put them into lots per genre. They may move quicker listed that way. 

1,200 eBay listings! Woohoo. I have made my mid-summer goal. It is funny how you find items in groups. I haven't found needlekits for awhile. I am also getting pickier, only buying unopened kits and uncut sewing patterns. 

It has really slowed in the sourcing category, my guess people are getting out of their houses more and are not interested in cleaning out their closets. 


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