Monday, June 14, 2021

The Crate of Goodness and the Girl with the Gloves

At first, I thought to myself, WHY did I buy more quilt blocks? But after I got this packet of Indigo Stars Quilt Block-of-the-Month from Patchworks from mystery quilter, I was thrilled! There are 12 finished blocks - more than enough for a quilt, and cut pieces to make more, if need be, all for $5.99. This one may bump up in the queue after I finish my binding projects.  

My reseller's organization consists of thrifted lined crates and boxes. This light gray one lined with burlap is not only functional but also cute. It was a little more expensive than usual priced $12.99 at thrift. 

Contained within my sourcing crate is costume patterns, a vintage sewing book, the quilt pieces, some quilting books, and a pack of greeting cards. 

I am making progress binding one of my quilts by limiting myself to sewing one side of it, then putting it aside for the next day. My Christmas quilt is up next to bind, that finished one won't make an appearance until my Countdown to Christmas. 

On to my post title - the Girl with the Gloves. I didn't realize how many different types of gloves I wear to protect my hands. My latest posts reflect the compression gloves that are now a part of my every day life. Here is a list of the other gloves I wear:

    White opera length gloves to photograph products for sale    
   Dishwashing gloves
    Vinyl examination gloves for messy food prep 
    Gardening gloves
    Quilting gloves to aid in gripping the quilt
    Cotton gloves for nighttime treatment, if needed

I am indeed the Girl with the Gloves!

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