Checking Off All of the Boxes

My quest for June was to find a piece of original art as a birthday present to myself. This $4.99 thrifted still life acrylic on canvas fit the bill. I love obtaining Other People's Artwork (OPA).

At my same hospice thrift location I found a real Burberry bag. I couldn't believe my eyes, priced at $9.99, that came home with me too along with 2 bags from a mystery quilter. 

Mystery bags of fabric were priced at $3.99 each. The best of Mystery Bag #1 were these cross-stitched days of the week and a few other usable pieces. 

The best of Mystery Bag #2 were these appliqued quilt blocks.

Sadly, there was only one of these retro Dresden partially completed blocks. 

While worth the money spent, 80% of the bags were unusable. Either ugly fabric (I give it away), or pathetic patchwork. It is a well kept secret among quilters that sometimes other's creations are downright ugly. Here is evidence of that in orphan blocks in odd colorways. 

I took the opportunity to clean out all of my marginal quilt blocks I had collected over the years. Unable to fit them into past projects, it was time they were released back into the wild. 

I know part of my good fortune lies in persistence. I visit my local hospice thrift at least 3 days a week. 

Reseller's update: The Vogue sewing patterns are all listed and I am shooting for back to 1,000 active (50 listings to go). Those babies will help pay for the extra expense of air conditioning during these blasting hot summers. 


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