Saturday, February 11, 2017

A bucket list furniture find and the pre-basting update

I had always wanted a rocking chair but not a huge one with arm rests, now I can check this item off of my thrift shop bucket list.

I usually pass up furniture and I nearly passed on this chair but when it qualified with that, the lot of violin music, two quilt books and a couple of My Little Ponies for less than $25, I bit. There is some damage to the bottom slats but I think they are fixable. From the label on the seat, it looks like this chair originally hails from Oklahoma.

I grab all violin sheet music for when I retire and will have the time to play and perform again. When I did buy music from a retail store, I remember how expensive it was then.

I was delighted to find my new-to-me rocking chair fits perfectly with my small scale sewing machine setup. Eventually, I will reupholster the chair pad.
As promised, the pre-basting update: I am beginning to think this is a wise choice. I would get so frustrated by puckered backings and crawling around on the floor trying the smooth the thing out that it was heading into the Unfun category. 

I've taken over part of the man cave (aka the garage), the work bench and two long pieces of lumber so I can baste this Vintage Four Patch. I am using a long running stitch with some old cream colored Woolworth thread. I saw one online tutorial where the quilter suggested a herringbone stitch. Maybe that stitch would hold better but it seems like a lot of effort.

The publication Quilts from the Civil War will be one that I actually read rather than just look at quilt pron. It appears to be well written with interesting examples of quilts from the civil war period.
Ending with an image from the 1963 Woman's Day Book of American Needlework.

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