Sunday, February 19, 2017

More Americana and the contents of the mystery box

Sometimes I shop at a certain online thrift retailer. For some odd reason, I just had to have mystery box of fabric/sewing items from the other side of the continent - New York. Got this lovely for $20 but the shipping costs were $68! Say what? I got caught up in the bidding (I know that never happens to anyone else). But after I unpacked the box, I realized I had more than enough value for my money, beginning with one of my favorites - sewing ephemera.

The bottom of this image is the inside of the Army and Navy Needle Book.

I did see some of what I bought at the online auction, like the fabric.
The fabric was encased in a king-sized bedding plastic carrier with a variety of colors, some fat quarters still in original packaging and the selvages dated 2009.  I would estimate at least $150 worth of fabric.

A pair of vintage Wiss fabric scissors (love them! worth $25-$30), a package of buttons still on their placards, paints and some beads.

Another bag of sewing goodies included wooden needle holders, thread, needles, snaps, loose buttons and a scissor snip.

These are the fabric swatches of mystery quilter creations.

Pattern of the Day is one of the 6 crafting patterns from the mystery box.

Have you ever bought something from an online auction and either regretted or applauded your decision?

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