Friday, February 10, 2017

Is pre-basting a necessary evil

Vintage Fabric Quilt has now become a Vintage Four Patch because there is now more current fabric in the quilt than vintage. With this explosion of color, I plan on doing a grey and white print binding.

This Riley Blake Designs Happy Flappers jelly roll purchased retail had all the right colors but nearly all the wrong moves as the cutesy owls are facing the wrong direction for my purposes. I had entertained the idea of doing a piano key border but my patriotic quilt is calling to me.
I bought enough fabric to use either one as border, backing or both. The binding is already prepared from the remnants of mystery quilter.

I have decided to pre-baste this Vintage Four Patch. I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials and used the materials I had on hand,  pieces of lumber long enough to roll up the quilt top and backing, and a table long enough to unroll the quilt as I hand baste it.

Supposedly, with this method, you won't get the puckers on the backing and you can start quilting at any point.

Update on my new sewing machine, I have it up and running and it is like learning to control a stallion. This Brother PQ1500SL is fast! One slip of the foot and you are off the races. I had read that in one of the reviews but it was something to experience for myself. It really does purr and right now I am just chain piecing, once the Vintage Four Patch is basted, I will test out its quilting capabilities.

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