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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Monster High love and the mystery quilter

This is my first thrifted find of a Monster High doll ($2) and I am absolutely in love with her! She has streaked hair, one blue eye and one green eye and Frankensteinian-healed incisions on her face, throat and limbs. Her arms and legs are fully articulated and her dress is cutting edge. Her previous owner added sloppily painted fingernails. Sharp-eyed doll lovers might find it ironic that she is sitting atop a Madame Alexander box, but her greenish-tinge skin tone matched the MA blue box perfectly!

One of the thrift shops I frequent is next to a semi-wooded area and I spotted some mini daffodils, probably smelled them first - they are so fragrant. I rescued the handful from the rain that had drenched them into the ground. Luck would have it the thrift shop also had a daffodil vase with daffodil etchings. It was included my $8 Tami thrifting total.

My hyacinth are blooming. Behind them are broken pieces of white and blue thrifted plate.

Salt shaker sleeping cat poses on fabric mystery bags 1 and 2. I just can't resist these vintage trinkets. Kitty now resides in my kitchen window.

Mystery bag 1 - 3-1/2" precuts. A little Winnie the Pooh and rodeo thrown in for good measure.

Mystery bag 2 - It looks like mystery quilter made a homemade jelly roll. There is also completed binding. I am going to have fun putting this muted patriotic quilt together. I could question why quilter(s) are getting rid of this type of material ... but I won't go there.

Sally Stand-in sports the Jones New York jacket (nwt), elegant with its quilting and crème color. It looks the bomb on me with my hair coloring. It is headed off to the dry cleaner for a freshening up.

Pattern of the Day is a one piece Muu Muu from 1967.

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