Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know my two loves are thrifting and quilting. 

Not sure of the author of this, but it is worth a repost.  

There are 5 stages of the thrift store sickness
DENIAL that you'd ever buy something so stupid.
ANGER that you didn't buy it.
BARGAINING about going back to the store to buy it like you should have when you saw it.
DEPRESSION that somebody bought it by the time you got home.
ACCEPTANCE that you're just going to buy it next time and you're not going to be able to explain buying any of this stuff to 'normal' people. Your kids will give all your treasured finds away when you're dead anyway.
Then, we'll buy it.

I am having the best time with a FB group that centers on thrift. A recent question posted was "Who else finds the craziest outfit possible and wears it around as they shop?" 

My response: Now you are just encouraging bad behavior and I'm in!

Another responded: My husband had an awful outfit he would wear to Christmas shop and go to Christmas parties in. It was so bad I hid the outfit from him. He thought he misplaced it. I caved and gave it back to him when I saw how upset he was. It was a red, green and yellow polyester plaid pants and a red turtleneck with a Christmas vest and buttons. Oh, I forgot the Christmas socks and that the pants were too short on him. He said "better to see his socks."

And another: you can find them on the People of Walmart pages...

Winner of Internet for the Day: My daughter and I used to play a game of finding the most outrageous item. Usually it was a woman’s dress. We’d show the other (but not wear) and decide who won. Almost always someone would pick it up to buy once we stepped away. We also had conversations in the book area using book titles.

I found the colorway for my daughter's quilt and ordered a half yard each of the Spice it Up collection. I am going to add in some cream colored fabric to the County Classics - Patches block from BHG 101 Full-sized Quilt Blocks and Borders

Before I start her quilt, I need to finish mine. I will be quilting the monster of a bed quilt that I created for the Art with Fabric blog hop

To see a truly beautiful tablescape, visit this blog, also a fellow quilter, her post is worth a read and see. 

On to Countdown to Christmas, all of my posts are queued up and I am populating them now with all kinds of fun kitschy stuff. Look for that event beginning on December 1st. 

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