Saturday, November 10, 2018

Blue green block and thrift shop switcheroos

Using a packet of satin purchased thrift and choosing the block Patchwork Crazy from a Better Homes and Gardens publication Grandma's Best Full-Size Quilt Blocks (pieces of the past for today's quilter). November's prompt for the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge is blue/green. Having been drawn to these shiny fabrics, this is now my newest, favoriteist project.  
Blue/Green block and
Mural at Porch Restaurant
Sacramento, California
Update to this post - with a 3 day weekend but the environment full of smoke from the California fires, it was stay in and quilt. 
Party in the front
Business in the back
This piece is destined for my cubicle wall at work. The backing is a piece I have kept for awhile, waiting for the perfect project. I also had the binding precut from the last quilt I did matchstick style. 

Got to mention a mistake I made, when ironing it I had the setting too high and burned one of the satin pieces. With much cursing and seam ripping, I replaced it. It was one of those moments when you ask yourself, "should I continue with this project or go on to something else?" Glad I persevered.

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In my last post, I mentioned that I was finally sending my vintage fan quilt to a longarmer - not.  I found a longarmer in my area and sent her this image of the flimsy and she rejected the work. Her concern was that the quilt top would come apart when she loaded it onto her machine and that there would be puckers, etc. Rather than disagree with her, I thanked her for her time. Looks like I will be the one to quilt it. 
One of my favorite groups on Facebook is Weird Second Hand Finds That Need to be Shared.

A question was asked along the lines of, "Have you ever seen something in someone else's cart and had thrift shop envy? What did you do?"

One person replied, "Have I ever put something in someone's cart? Raises hand. A red garter at the Goodwill outlet. Shhhhh."

To that comment, another replied, "My husband and I have been playing 'shopping for others' for 20 years. lmao"

"I have a good friend who I love to go shopping with. Not sure the feeling is mutual especially after the time she turned her back and I dumped several boxes of Trojans in her cart. I should add that we are both in our 70s."

Numerous responders to the question say they will follow other shoppers around, hoping they will put back something they had placed in their cart.  

There are also those who "unshop," take an inventory of what they have placed in the cart and cull out what they really don't want. 

Sometimes shoppers will mention to the person in line that they fancy an item and the person will give it to them to be able to purchase it. 

One thrift shopper summed it up, "So, the common thread here I'm seeing is that we are all to different degrees stalkers, creepers, lurkers, distracters. We practice mind control and summon for help from the thrift gods, we hover and use the guilt tactic for the thrill of the thrift store treasure."

Segueing to the weather in Northern California. It will be another  weekend of indoors activities. There is smoke from fires in Butte (in the north state) and Ventura (in the south) counties. We are hoping and praying for rain. 

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  1. I would be SO furious if someone put something into my cart and I didn't catch it! And honestly -- who would do that? I'm not sure if that's better or worse than taking something out of a cart. Maybe better because there's a chance they'd catch it.

    After our thrifting trip earlier this week I've decided that it's probably better to keep my eyes of of what's in other people's carts. I saw some REALLY neat stuff.

    There's a huge painting on our dining room wall that was the result of thrift stalking. A guy picked up it up just as I saw it and I watched from across the store until he put it back....then I bolted!