Thursday, December 23, 2021

Sometimes It Is the Smalls

An image from my Countdown in years past. I have brought out even fewer decorations this year, these meeces are still in storage. 

This has been my favorite necklace this season, Noel necklace $6 at thrift. 

Owl pin set against my Nick and Nora Christmas flamingo flannel top.

Just can't resist all the leetle retro pins. 

Recipe of the Day from the Antique American Cookbooks Home Cookery Ladies' Indispensable Companion:

Corn Oysters

One quart of corn rasped with coarse grater, 2 teasponfuls of new milk, 1 teacupful of flower; mix together and add 2 eggs well beaten. Season the batter with salt and pepper. Drop into boiling lard, or cook them on a griddle. The corn should be such as is most suitable for boiling. 

Christmas trivia: Where was I when I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus? On the stairs.

What I am listening to:

This little jointed Boyd's angel bear just joined my collection.

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