Friday, August 31, 2012

Seattle World's Fair 1962, Part Deux

Seattle World's Fair 1962, Part Deu.  Here is the link to my first set of images regarding the Seattle World's Fair 50-year-retrospective-photos-from-1962

Funny I should run into this exact doll this month for sale at the thrift shop.  I have the same one, packed away safely in my cherished keepsakes.

My brother, my mom and me on the bench at the Fair.

Interesting that in these images the majority of the ladies are wearing skirts or dresses and flats.

My father makes a rare appearance in the below picture, he is the one with the white jacket, wearing glasses and carrying a camera ~ just strollin' on by daddio.

Three months of summer blog challenges, two personal photography challenges and a writing challenge have certainly kept me out of trouble.  Back to the books, I am taking two online classes this fall semester, one management and one sociology.

There are a few specialized posts I've got coming up, the first is one for International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th - ya gots to have fun with that one!  

A circus-themed post on September 29th with Moonlight Party Under The Bigtop

A darker, more mysterious carnival-themed post on October 6th with Le Mysterieux Carnival

Le Mysterieux Carnival Blog Party

Friday bloggity hops include:  Rooted in Thyme

Rooted In Thyme
Ladybird Ln
Ladybird Ln

five days five ways  feature friday free for all

Have an enjoyable Labor Day weekend ~ MUYA!

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