Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 11 of Photograph A Day (Landscape)

Sunrise in Amador County, California -- satisfies the challenge topic of "landscape."

A Friday afternoon trip to Thrift Town in Sacramento rewarded me with stuffed Minnie Mouse (NWT $2.99), Old Navy purple tank top ($2.99), and a most cherished purchase of a Free People, what I call a schlumpy, knock-around skirt ($5.99).  This label is a high-end brand I've seen at Macy's.

It was hard to part with Minnie but I gave her to a co-worker who has two young girls.  She will be loved - here is Minnie's new owner ....

Trying to beat the 100+ degree here in California, what is it like in your part of the world?


Cottage and Broome said...

So nice of you to share the Minnie! Sorry to hear it is still so hot there. It is a blissful 60 degrees, perfect sleeping weather. Thank you for your suggestion to look at blogger forum for help with my blog problem, I had tried that but got no help, very disappointing. But I think I my have "fixed" it we will see on our next post. Thanks for stopping in, Laura

Nici Higby said...

Hi Tami. That landscape picture is beautiful. Just wanted to pop over and thank you for stopping by and leaving me some nice comments. I am your newest follower and would love for you to visit again and click on my "Follow Me" button to add Posed Perfection to your GFC. Have a blessed weekend! Try to stay cool.

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