Day 1 of Photograph A Day (Your Name) and Rockin' Blogger Award

I present "My name" in letter candies.

These candies came in a batch sent over from my son's girlfriend in Scotland.

And your name is?

Off on my tangent, as Jenny Matlock is fond of posting, I have been nominated for a 

No questions to answer, no secrets to reveal, just a great excuse to give link backs to bloggers of note we have discovered in our internet wanderings.  My thanks to Gwen, at A Little Unhinged, a newbie blogger that is kicking arse, and was my nominator.   

My nominees, should they choose to link in:

Jenny Matlock, she has a fun and interesting blog.  
A Fanciful Twist, she just hosted A Mad Tea Party that introduced me to a whole 'nuther audience of bloggers.  
Lillys Lace, I honestly can't remember how I found Cindy, whether it was through a blog hop or by clicking into another blogger's favorite blog list.  Anyhoo, she is delightful.  
Moonlight Party Under the Bigtop, a very new blog to the scene, setting up a circus-themed post for the end of September.  I'm in!  
My Salvaged Treasures, last but not least, Betsy and her Etsy offerings (just had to throw that in 'cuz it rhymes).  

You can link in with Rockin' Mama here I ROCK!


Thank you so much for the Rockin' Blogger Award, I appreciate it:-) I've printed off your August list of link stuff here and I'll see if I can coordinate with some posts.
Thanks so much for visiting with me. Gotta love those old shops in the Gold Country:-)