Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 2 of Photograph A Day (A Stranger) and Rural Thursday

At first I thought, why did I pick this topic!  I wanted to capture an image of someone with character and doing that is kind of sketchy in a major metropolitan city such as Sacramento.  First, I would have to locate a stranger that was approachable, and then ask permission to take the picture.  Chance would have it, I had to travel into Amador County on Wednesday morning and ran into Leland, an 87-year old longtime resident of Ione, California.

I have showcased the front of this barn on an earlier Rural Thursday post, here then is the backside of the barn (is there really a front and a back to a barn?)  What caught my eye was the play of morning light off of the horses.  

Of course, it would not be Thrift Shop Commando without highlighting my Goodwill finds.  You know my rule, "One bag in, one bag out" so I had donations to go and found this gem of a bracelet, a well-constructed piece of costume jewelry for $4.  I'm wearing it today ~

What strangers have you met recently?  

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