Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 12 of Photograph A Day (Something Red)

This distressed red cap is SOOO cute - I snapped this at my hair stylist's place of business, Fusion Salon in Folsom, California, satisfying the photography challenge topic of "something red."  

Interfaith's Great Finds in Sutter Creek, California, offers 50% off nearly everything in the shop, but since there has been a change in the pricing people, they are placing thrift shop items at antique-store level pricing. Interfaith's used to be my favorite, go-to shop for deals, but sadly, not anymore.  I did locate these stone-cut horsehead bookends ($6.).  

That does seem to be the trend in thrift store collectibles - prices are rising, just like retail items.  

Fellow thrifters, what has been your experience in your favorite shop's pricing?  
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