Feathers and Fish ~

I did all the setups for daily posts, then forgot to publish them.  Aw well, here is what I've been doing for the past couple of days on California's North Coast.  I begin with feathers - a pelican

Pelicans at the marina, 

Ahi tuna (please excuse my Phyllis Diller hairdo).  We went 50 miles offshore and caught three tuna.

Mr. VZ enticing a harbor seal with a salmon carcass.

And three lovely salmon ranging in size from a 25 pounder to a 10 pounder.  

So nice to escape the Sacramento 100+ degree heat for the weekend.  


Sue said…
Now that looks like the kind of fishing trip I would like too! You took some nice photos. And. I like your jumping photo on another post too. Found you on Gonna Love It Tuesday.