Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 5 of Photograph A Day (Summer)

A summer storm in August - so rare.  The green grasses have turned golden.  This image was captured along Latrobe Road in Amador County, California.  

I visited two Snowline Hospice Thrift Shops on Saturday, one in Folsom and one in Cameron Park. Nothing intrigued me in Folsom, but Cameron Park had 1/2 off everything brown or with brown in it.  My finds were: 

$1.50 for The Love of Horses, the toadstool (50 cents) - to be used as a prop in a future Mad Tea Party post, the vintage liquor bottle ($2) and the footstool ($3).   

The Cookie Lee necklace was $3.50 and the black and white ceramic bowl was $1 (headed for mom's house because she loves black and white).

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