Friday, December 1, 2023

Countdown to Christmas Day 1

Welcome to the Tami Countdown to Christmas. This annual event began in 2011. The links to previous year's countdowns are set out at the end of this post. Half-finished cross stitch Santa was a thrift shop find. 

Could. not. restrain myself when this lot of 9 Bing & Grondahl 1960s Christmas plates came up for sale online. They were a STEAL at $3.50 per plate, shipping cost included. I will show off these nine throughout the countdown. 💜
Back story on the Bing & Grondahls, my mother collected the Mother's Day plates during the 1970s. I will highlight those next year when I locate them in storage. 

Today's plate is from 1990. I pick up any books on the items I collect and this one came into my possession through Goodwill, Christmas Plates from Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl (2004). A 20-year old book of 240 full color pages (retail priced $49.95). I bet some of the values have gone down. The plate above was listed at $50-$70. Collector plates are a tough sell, no wonder I scored my box of 9 for next to nothing. 

I obtained an estate-sale publication The Children's Book of Christmas (1922), and will showcase various bookplates. 
Another publication from that same book collector estate sale was Select Readings and Recitations (1902). I will highlight certain excerpts. 

Last month, my fav hospice thrift shop dropped a First Printing The Ford Times Cookbook (1968). While cookbooks have waned a little in their popularity for sale, this one goes into my keeper category and I will share recipes on some of the countdown posts. 

2 pounds fresh crabmeat
1-1/3 pounds 3-day-old bread
5 hard boiled eggs, chopped
1 heaping tsp salt
1 heaping tbs dry mustard
1 large onion
1-1/4 oz. Worcestershire sauce
1-1/4 oz. vinegar
3 tbs mayonnaise

Cut crust from bread, crumble into small bits, and place in mixing bowl. Add the eggs, salt, and dry mustard. Mix well, then add onion (which has been chopped then sauteed in butter). Add flavorings and mix well. Add crabmeat. Form into patties and bake in 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. Serves 6, makes 10-12 patties. 

What I am listening to - A Carmel Christmas. These posts really are a delight to compose. I discover new holiday music and try to include the related YouTube videos of CD performances. I will also highlight my vinyl aka record albums of Christmas music. 

I listen through each of these thrift shop rescued-CDs I collect annually. I keep telling myself - you've got to let them go~but then there are those like this one. A keeper.  

Links to previous year's First day countdowns. 

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