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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Best of 2019

Looking over my analytics for the past year, these are the top 5 as being most popular:

#1 - Sewing-time-measured-in-vinyl
This post highlighted a much-labored over quilt that extended as a project from one year into another. Matchstick quilting in varying thread colors make it unique. 
#2- Gypsy-wife-meets-jelly-roll
The first post in a series of 3, this link is the flimsy and the process I used to create it. In January/February, I will post the completion of this quilt and reveal the backing. 
#3- Qwilt-qwazy-queens-and-doodle-quilt
This poor orphan quilt is the last of my unfinished projects. Still unquilted and what is quilted needs to be ripped out. 
I had been a part of quilt-qwazy-queens-blog-hop for a number of years but now it has moved to another hosting blogger with a theme of "Making Us Laugh." Cute theme, I look forward to seeing what the others create.

#4- Fitting-in-feedsack-and-taking-home-a-topsy-turvy
I love this small quilt so much, I have a bed-sized one to make on my 2020 challenge list at No. 9, feedsack mint border quilt.

#5- Actually comes in as my No. 1 for views, but since this is a quilting linkup, I am putting this one last. It is a personal favorite for this year. How-to-become-hoarder - a tongue in cheek confessional.
I will be listing more fabric and quilt projects for sale. They are the best sellers AND I can feel good about moving fabric out the door instead of marinating in my studio. Be on the lookout for the Buy No Fabric Challenge on 1/1/20.

Course, I had to buy fabric before I began my own challenge. *grins* While I was in the sewing shop, I purchased a fabric I thought might mesh for No. 11, the blue retro material quilt.
This fun tattoo print fabric came home with me, $1.99 at Goodwill. It is a definite keeper as part of my black/white quilt project bag.

Linking up with

Reselling update:
I fell short of my reselling goal of reaching $500 in profit by year's end, it was closer to $200. It is almost more trouble than what it is worth. On the flip side, I did get rid of some extra stuff. I have found as more and more people enter the world of resell, there are less and less quality items. I found an article from NPR that makes that same observation. She notes, "What we see in the United States in particular is that the quality of the stuff the people are acquiring - because we're acquiring more every year - is declining." 

BOLO vintage cookbooks. If you have one of these cookbooks, keep them! The BHG cookbook is from 1989 and the Art of French Cooking is from 1961. I found another of the latter published in 1972 so that one will go up for resell. I will have to purchase Vol. 2 to complete my set. 
Leaving you with the best of the trail cam for November and December:
The bobcat made another appearance

I hope to have a fiber art entry in the California State Fair. With project images ready, I just need to turn my concept into reality. 

What will be your focus in this milestone year of 2020? 


  1. You come up with the best titles for your posts. All of your quilts are beautiful, and I am going to go and read each of your posts.

  2. Congrats on a wonderful and productive 2019, thanks for linking up!