Christmas arrived early in the form of collectible plates

It is Day 15 in the Countdown to Christmas. It arrived early for me with the thrift shop find of secondhand plates. For some reason, this stack of plates beckoned to me. Not only did I find this Hummel ($4, the rest were priced below that), but also the following ones below.

Limited edition Santa Clara porcelain
It is a keeper and it is going to be displayed year round

At $1.50 ea. I was not going to leave them behind
I would like to find a 3 plate wall hanger for them
I know, I know, I am keeping more than I am selling. Admittedly, I am a closet plate collector. Here are links to my other plate collections.


These are lovely, especially the little boy on the sledge.
Damyanti said…
Love the first one... The boy on a sledge.

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