Visible Monday and the Very Cat Lady

Counting down to Christmas Day 16. I had such a blast this weekend on my thrifting forays having found collectible plates and a vintage Korean embellished textile for a friend (more about that at the end of the post).
I say "Very Cat Lady" because there is the Crazy Cat Lady. I don't think I qualify for that one, two cats are enough thank you very mushes.
I am wearing a Santa hat, Dr. Peepers sunglasses, Born to be a Unicorn t-shirt, Casey & Max cat lady vest, red lace gloves, black sweat pants and Ariat boots.

This is one of the collectible plates that I added to my collection (see what I mean? very cat lady). 
Jennifer and Jenny Fur
A guaranteed image of both cats - at feeding time. 
Susie on the left, Xena on the right
This cute quilt was exhibited at the Sierra Guild quilt show this past year.

Back to the vintage textile, I bought that ($8.50) and another frame ($3.50), for the total. The glass was either archival or glare-proof. At first I hesitated to buy it but was happy when I got it home. 

I think my friend will be happy with this gift.
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