Pre Christmas Finds

Welcome to Day 23 to the Countdown to Christmas. I am unsure whether this one is a watercolor or pen and ink. It intrigued me because it was so angular and masculine. Framed and matted under glass, a steal at $16.50. It has joined my permanent collection.
Near year's end is when I find the best pieces of original art. It never ceases to amaze me. 

If you want Christmas linens and such, it is a virtual bonanza. Half day off on a red background/white snowflake tablecloth already priced at $2.50, meant $1.25 for this delightful beauty.  
For $2 I am now the proud owner of this thread organizer, complete with more hand quilting thread. I have it nearby on a bookcase shelf where I do most of my couch potatoing. 

I've got my 20+ rescued CDs for next year's countdown. Woohoo!
I so look forward to the next few days, catching up on some quilting. I'm not entertaining any guests this year so the pressure is off. 


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