Quilter's Confessional

I had a quilt in sandwich form for nearly a year now, 
At first, I committed to hand quilting it. Part of the reason was because I couldn't figure out how it should be quilted. 

My previous quilting machine was only straight stitch. My new machine a Babylok Jazz II, has a few decorative stitches. This past summer, I took an introductory course on my machine and that opened my eyes to new possibilities. 

I finally decided to do a fagoting stitch. It hid the loosely pieced hexagons. I started quilting and nearly finished it. I pushed the machine too hard because I wanted to finish it before year's end. I did have a hexi quilt on my 2019 APQ Challenge list (listed below). After my machine is back from the shop, this one is queued up first to finish the quilting and binding.  

On to the 2020 American Patchwork & Quilting Challenge. The top 6 are what I may be able to complete, the bottom 6 are just dreaming. For my No. 1 Retro Quilt I am squaring up the blocks and want it to be traveling to the longarmer before the end of January.

I will be most likely working out of order on my list. I have got to take another hard look at my projects to determine which ones I will keep, which ones I will sell and which ones I will give away. 


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Damyanti said…
I learnt the name of a new stitch! And, it does look nice!

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