Christmas presents to myself

What are those, you ask? *grins* For me it is artwork, quilt blocks, and cashmere sweaters. I have had the best luck round this time of year with finding original art. 
While I normally pass by the watercolors, this one by Nathan is a forever keeper. The frame was chintzy and the glass was dirty. It appeared as though it had been stored for awhile. The picture was $9.50 and the wood frame was $3.50. I polished the frame and cleaned the glass (delicately). It is my present to myself, scored two original pieces of artwork this year! Link to the other reframing-find.
Had to take the final result picture at an angle because of the glass.
The Countdown to Christmas continues, this being Day 7. 

I have already filled out my 12 Project challenge sheet for American Patchwork & Quilting 2020 UFO Challenge. I will share that on my Year in Review post. 

Well, lookee me, I made the Top 25 in the Top 60 Thrifting Websites and Blogs.


Textile Ranger said…
Congratulations on being in the Top 25!

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