Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sewing Time Measured in Vinyl

Hello to my Russian audience, your views have overtaken my American ones. This has happened a few times before and I am not sure of the source but whoever loves me over there, mucho love back! 

Finally finished! My composition quilt aka art with fabric blog hop started in 2018. The inspiration was this 1954 Composition painting by Greta Freist. 
While my last quilt based on a painting was done in raw edge applique, I actually pieced this one. When I finished the first round of piecing, I had a decidedly long creation that was fit only for a wall hanging then made the decision to make it bed-sized. 

I used numerous colors of thread in matchstick quilting. 

I have also been loosely participating with the FB group, American Patchwork & Quilting in their UFO Challenge. At the beginning of the year, we listed a project per month we hoped to complete by year's end. I had originally intended to create another quilt based on a piece of abstract modern art, but I hadn't finished this one. So it became my number 10, posted for the month of June in the challenge. My first quilt completion for the year under this challenge. 

I measure my sewing time by vinyl length. When the record stops, it is a forced break to get up and flip the record over or put on a new one. If I have listened to one or more records, I know I have made progress. One of my fun finds was this 1976 recording of Disco Duck.
Magic of the thrift gods - another Marjorie Baer find of a necklace. The exact same Goodwill but months later. Couldn't believe my eyes that I found another of this San Francisco jewelry maker.
Reselling update: 5 more items were listed, including a twin-sized quit top. First test of a textile like this. If it sells as well as expected, I may have found my retirement business. 
I could do simple patchwork like this. It is pieced fabric in the center with large piano keys and green borders, then a repeat of the center. 

Here is a definite thrifting splurge, this Regulator 31-day clock. In my previous life, I collected clocks. I even had a cuckoo clock purchased in pieces restored. But back to this clock, I figured priced at $32.50 with a $10 discount coming, it was a buy. 
I think it was marked as missing parts because I think the key had slid deep into the clock. When I got it home, the key slid down and I was able to wind the chime. Funny enough, the moment I hung it on the wall, I noticed it was already set to the correct time. That meant previous owner must have wound the clock before donating it. I think you have to wind them once a week. 

While I had a major pep talk with myself over this purchase, I am delighted with it. She keeps perfect time and I love the sound of a wind-up clock. 

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  1. Oh man, that necklace is very cool. I like your art with fabric quilt finish too. And I think the clock was a great score!

  2. I love clocks too. I'd have lots of them but my hubby doesn't like "all that noise". Whatever, right? He knows they please me and even bought me a "noisy" clock that makes no noise when the room is dark. Works perfect for his sleeping if he ends up on the couch! Hahahahaha! Love the idea of your records for giving you the necessary breaks. That's a thought for me here!

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  4. Congratulation on finishing your art quilt. It's wonderful! That clock sure is a find. I love old clocks too. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  5. Congratulations on finishing your art quilt. What a great idea to use vinyl - great background music and it forces you to get up and stretch.