Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Follow up to weight gain is not inevitable

Not being a diet/fitness blogger, occasionally I blog about diet and fitness because it is very important to me. In reference to my post title, I did a post two years ago about weight gain and diet here. At that time, I had lost some weight from 150 lbs. to 130. Now, after taking a few runs at it, I am now down to 125. Five pounds doesn't seem like much, but it is. If you are measuring by underwear size, it is one size down. Ultimate goal - 120. 

I began lifting 5 lb. free weights when I turned 40. I had no interest in having "gramma Tami" arms. You know, the upper arms that have flappy loose skin. I am happy with my arms and my legs, now it is the core that needs attention. 

I also chose to go on a restricted diet related to my gall bladder. The word "restricted" seems a little harsh, I have tried really hard to cut down on fried foods and beef. 

As an aside, I also had clickety clack knees. As I have lost weight, there is less of that pressure on my knees, carrying extra weight too much for my frame. Less clickety clacking. 
Segueing to sewing - it is National Sewing Month! If you are on Instagram, I am participating in the prompts from Thrifty Mum for #SecondHandSeptember as tamaschen

I also found a Facebook group the Up-cycled Cloth Collective that features all sorts of creative ways to re-use textiles. 

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