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Sunday, September 1, 2019

September is in the air

September means a respite is in sight from the summer heat. At least another month of uber hotness. October can be a warm month too in the Sierra Nevada mountain range but at least you can feel fall in the air. 

I went live with 8 more listings on Ebay, mainly textiles and some costume jewelry, items I had at the house. I haven't even cracked into the collection I have in storage (did I just admit to that?). I don't pay for a storage unit (that wouldn't make any economic sense). These are items I have at another house where my adult children live. I so admit I am a hoarder in recovery. 

I am feeling better about my WIPs and fabric stash. I have slowed on buying remnants. Thrifts shops are pricing fabric closer to retail, so why buy it secondhand? Back to my WIPs, other than the scrap fabric, I have 10 project bags. Eight reside in the basket, the others are the atomic starburst quilt and my daughter's quilt (must be next!). 

There is some satisfaction in pairing things down. I will admit I can go overboard in getting rid of things. I pulled two poetry publications from my last round of listings. I had listing regret. 

Just when I got rid of one leaders/enders project, I inherited another. Half off at hospice meant the 8 ziplock bags of 2-1/2" precuts were only $1.25. Can't sell them so I will keep them for awhile. It is nice that they are precut. If I ever advance into a business related to quilting, I would invest in a fabric cutter. 

So glad fall is approaching. Cooler weather will mean my attention will turn back to the greenhouse.  

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  1. How awesome that you got all those squares so cheap! I really wish that we had some place where I live that I could get deals like that.
    I love the pattern that you showed. I remember making a dress like one of them a long time ago and I loved wearing it. It was very comfortable.