Saturday, August 31, 2019

Fresh blackberries/grapes and a hoarder in recovery

Had to lead off with this image of freshly picked blackberries and grapes. I got myself in gear this morning to pick blackberries before the heat wave, then made a blackberry pie on the BBQ.

I was going to wait to list more stuff on Ebay, I am highly motivated right now so I will ride the wave. I don't know what changed in my mind when I turned 60. Maybe it is dreams of travel, it is definitely the desire to be debt free. Had some expensive dental work performed last year that threw me off too. 

My resell listing focus will be fabric, quilt kits, a sampler, and some jewelry groupings. They will be priced to move quickly. My goal is 10 listings, as of this post, I have 4 live. 

Quilting away on composition quilt. Pairing down my projects yet again. Asking myself, "When can I realistically complete this?" or "Can I resell it?" I had been collecting Asian-inspired fabric but have lost interest in that type of quilt. I will see if it will sell as a bundled lot. 

At first, I regretted buying this $4 bag of precuts. After I saw what I had, these can be made into cornerstones or some even piano borders. 

You get spoiled when you find so much for so cheap, like I did last weekend. Those finds have already been listed for sale. 

I picked up this counted cross-stitch for $2.49. I had returned to the same Goodwill, hoping for the big find again but settled for this never-opened craft kit. If it passes the "Tami likes it" test then I will either keep it for myself or resell it. 
You can see it is a tug and pull with me. I sell some things then buy others to replace them. Let's say I am a hoarder in recovery. 

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