The Un-Wedding Quilt and the Hair Stylist Breakup

This quilt was originally intended for my hair stylist for her June wedding but there was a glitch in the hiddy-up at the longarmer having sent it to her at the end of May. I think it got lost in the backlog. It was originally scheduled to be quilted in wavy lines but I upgraded to the Jacobean pattern. While I waited, I was able to bind two other quilts.
Feedsack backing
Back to my original intent, I wasn't invited to my hair stylist's wedding, I thought it would be a nice gift for her, being one of her clients. But as the months went by, she revealed she wouldn't be working on Saturday anymore so we ended our stylist/client relationship. It is more wanting to be with her husband, than anything between us. Link to my original post wedding-quilt-for-june-bride.

It really is my best work so far, the third quilt I have sent to a longarmer. (Link to close up quilting It was a study of stops and starts. I redid some blocks over and over. I even sewed on the entire binding and then seam ripped it all off again. I should have gone with my instinct of a 3" binding rather than 2-1/2", blue rather than pink. I have been very happy with the creation of the quilt tops and backings. I am nearly done with the art quilt I have been working on since last year. It is king-sized and contains dense quilting with numerous colors of thread. 

Reselling update: The only thing that has sold of my 50 listings are fabric, quilt blocks and quilt kits. Those items will most definitely be my focus for secondhand finds. Well, that and specialty pins and jewelry. 

In light of that, my thrift shop finds were (drum roll) fabric and pins! There were a few pieces of the Tulip Time vintage pattern but all I wanted was the bowl, still a bargain at $6.50. I have this set from my grandmother.

We will see if on my next group of listings, whether these pins will sell. There is the 1996 Atlanta Olympics gymnast, the set of 4 GSA Partners in Wildfire pins, and the California 4H one is a keeper. 

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