Reseller's Numbers Game

Going through my things for sale, I have discovered three things: (1) I have hidden my thrift shop purchases in the oddest places AND from the Mr.; (2) I forgot I had even purchased certain items; and, (3) there are things I just don't want to part with (see Jurassic Park dinosaur figurine above). I have a small backpack full of dinosaurs that are keepers. 

My audience will have to bear with me while I experience the thrill of reselling. This is not a sponsored post for EBay, I am taking advantage of that site's offer of 50 free listings. As an aside, I have EBay slotted as my next stock purchase. Buy what you know, buy what companies that you use - example, I use EBay and have for years. unsolicited stock advice

So proud of myself, as of this post I have 38 listings, mainly populated by books (such as this 1980 publication below). I may list others but I have been at it pretty much all day, and it is tiring. 
I am pleased to report that fabric and quilts blocks have taken the lead in views and sales. I try to keep the fabric priced reasonably since I have certainly spent very little in comparison. 

In explanation of my post title, in an effort to make money, you should have as many listings as possible. A number's game of sorts. Because I am new at this, I am unsure what will sell quickly. I have read resell blogs but their posts are hit and miss (mainly miss) about their successes. 

My short-term goal is to amass $500 so I can pay off my Baby Lock sewing machine. My ultimate goal is to pair down my possessions. Should I suddenly leave this realm, my children will have neither the drive nor the desire to resell my collectibles. 

Other items I won't part with are my Madame Alexanders and vintage dolls, ceramic smalls, artwork, certain vintage hats and clothing, books on art, sewing, cooking and floral arrangement, to name a few. 
On Saturday, the donation bay at my fav thrift shop was overflowing nearly into the parking lot. There isn't a whole lot to do when you have to hunker down for these summer hot streaks. We look to be in for 100 degree weather for quite a few days. That said, it is perfect time for this reselling activity. 

9:00pm update to post - I made it to 50! Phew, what a marathon. My last listing of the day was this batik lighthouse block quilt kit. I have used so many pieces out of it, time to rehome the rest!
My first fabric sell is being sent out tomorrow. 


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