Happy Fourth of July!

Much to my delight, one of my fav thrift shops was open and offering a 50% off day. Part of my tub of fun purchased for a total of $14, included a Hawaiian print dress that I will wear to work tomorrow. Restarting my Friday's Frock for the summer.

Sally Stand-In is modeling my squee of a find. I am also shamelessly showing off my 1/2 off plant I found last week.

Garnered nine more records, four yards of fabric, one packet of remnants and a large packet of quilt pieces. 

I am experiencing project overrun again. I think it is time to start up my Etsy shop and list some of these fabrics and projects. 

Gardening update:

Deer deterrent ratcheted up to Level 3. In a desperate attempt to keep my grape vines and actually have grapes to eat, I have enclosed the vines in chicken wire cages. 

Yep, in the second image that is a close up of deer nibblins. The doe returned that afternoon and I saw her wistfully looking through the garden gate at the now-unattainable vines. I am going to continue the chicken wire cages until they meet at the arch. 

The Piggybank Savings blog hop is on the 6th, so I will see you then!


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