Jelly Roll Race Quilt and more Thrift Shop Karma

I am happily listing away again this weekend. In my thrift shop wanderings, I picked up some $1 items of clothing, and some fabric. Yes, I continue to hoard that particular item. On the flipside, I have listed a couple of quilt kits and quilt block lots for sale. 

It was a quinky dink that my newly purchased Moda jelly roll pairs nicely with these oblong blocks. I see a new quilt in my future.

Segueing to the topic of secondhand finds, I follow a group on Facebook where thrift shop karma was discussed. Here is the original post where he asks:
Anyone ever find anything of yours in a thrift store and you aren't really sure how it wound up there?

And there was this follow-up.
"I never set mine on fire, but ..."
People posted incidences where their items had been stolen and they found them at thrift, or a relative had passed and a sibling had  donated all of the items and didn't tell the rest of the family.  

There was more than one story about books recycling back to find their original owner. They could tell by markings or writings they had done to the publication. 

Another had a Steiff plush kitten she had lost. Being relatively rare, it was hard to find to replace but she eventually found one on Ebay. Turns out it was her original toy (distinctive ear damage and had her initials she had marked on it), came from a different part of  Germany. 

More than one baby blanket found its way back to its original owner. There were a few paintings stories, one commentor posted she was with a friend whose grandfather had passed some ten years earlier. He had been a painter who they thought had destroyed all of his paintings. There at Goodwill was one of his creations. Everyone was crying.

One gentleman writes: Newsflash, we all melted our toys at some stage of puberty. One lady responded, "I put my Barbie's legs in the toaster." I replied with, "Yes, we know. Toy abuse is rampant. Many a Barbie has been violated." #savethebarbies

Another gentleman added, "A lot of Hillbilly Jims had 'Hold ma beer' moments, its in their nature." 

Ending last with one who responded to the question, "Anyone ever find anything of yours in a thrift store and you aren't really sure how it wound up there?" was simply, "my dignity."


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