Monday, July 15, 2019

How to Become a Hoarder

Mkay, my post title might be a little misleading. I don't think I am a full-fledged hoarder but I think I am exhibiting the early signs of one. These are just two of my doll collection. Such cute 1974 vintage Stupsi dolls, I think they are a bonded pair so I am selling them together.
I finally have broken through the inertia to start listing some of my collectibles. Resellers know the effort involved in listing items for sale. There is the photographing, the listing, the monitoring and the mailing. 

Previously, I sold used textbooks, ones that I had used in my college courses. I didn't have any emotional attachment to them so they were easily resold.  

What took me by surprise was my emotional reaction to selling something as simple as pins. I was anxious. I was worried. What the h**l?  It seems that once a thing is in your possession, it becomes part of the HOARD. I am truly perplexed by this reaction. 

When I thrift shop I have used the "I can always resell it" excuse to buy a particular item. Gave myself a pep talk, I have been using that excuse forever

I even tried the one bag in/one bag out rule. Sad to say, there are more bags coming in than going out. A lot of it is clothing and I do shop for replacement kitchen bowls and such. But still, there is no reason to keep these items when I could gain money for value.  

I will post from time to time on my progress. I have 10 listings up now and hope to have 10 more by next weekend. Going up for sale are books, fabric, dolls, plush and costume jewelry. 

Wish me luck!

If interested,
Items are listed on Ebay under tam_gonza

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  1. I heard someone say that it's not hoarding if you're selling. I'm sticking with that theory! So far it has worked on my hubby. Ha ha. Keep it up. Teri