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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Alteration of the Torrid Skirt

A surprising by-product of trying to perfect patchwork piecing, my clothing alteration skills have greatly improved. My first find at Goodwill was this size 20 Torrid skirt. 

Since it is all cotton, I saw the possibility of an easy alteration from a size 20 to size 10.  There was a side zipper, so I took it in at the side. The hem didn't match because extra fabric had been sewn in the back. The lining is also a cotton so I trimmed up a few inches of that and finished the seam. Yeah, it just needed to be shaped up. It was missing the hook to the eye and that was added. It looked so much better after alteration, trimming and ironing.  

Not pictured in my thrift shop haul were two records by the Dave Clark Five, two pieces of a Noritake stoneware pattern and a glass juice pitcher.

Goodwill fabric finds were the best of all - a prepacked kit of two small quilts, an opened package of yardage from the Fat Quarter Shop, a bit of appliqued material with a silver thimble and some thread.

Coming up is the Nifty Novelties hop featuring novelty fabric prints. I have two quilts I will feature, one complete and an update on the H.S. graduate quilt. 

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  1. Love your finds! Are you in Up-Cycled Cloth Collective over on Facebook? There's sooo much amazing inspiration there. After this week's posts I'm dying to get to the Goodwill outlet to look for a solid colored cotton skirt to bleach and some t-shirts to make into a dress.