Saturday, June 30, 2012

30-day writing challenge ~ Day 30 (It Could Have Been Worse), Challenge posts I would recommend

It Could Have Been Worse.  The last day of the We Work for Cheese Writing Challenge!

Not sure if the topic means this writing competition could have been worse, I found it delightful, from the bloggers I've "met" to reading their posts about their lives, loves, struggles and triumphs (and a whole lot of humor thrown in for good measure).

I am pretty much a daily blogger.  There is just so much STUFF to write about, so much to share in photographs.  My next foray is a personal challenge of 30 days of photographs for the month of July.

Noteworthy posts of this challenge (I enjoyed reading ALL of them) include:

Shoot Me Now, Katherine's Wolf Spiders  Maybe it's the pictures, but this one stays in your mind.

We Work For Cheese, Nicky's His Name Isn't Harvey  A charming, well written post.  It reminded me of when my kids were young.

Shoot Me Now, Katherine's Five Regrets of Dying  This will make you ponder.

Nathanael Vitkus' Part time driver, all time autophile  Cars!  A car-centric eye candy post.

nonamedufus' post Hanging Out in the Cemetery, will bring tears to your eyes.  This blogger is usually known for his wit and wordsmith abilities.

Linda at From Roses to Rainbows made me look twice at her post in Bananas Risque

Lauren of Think Spin will wow you with The Worst Xmas Ever: Fallout from a Plane Crash

PJ of a 'lilhoohaa entertains with the "Earl" we have all known at one time or another with Life with Earl: Stiletto Heels

Linda of The Good, The Bad, The Worse makes the case for photographic evidence in The Turning Point

Mike's (We Work For Cheese) post By The Side of the Road  Now when I think of Sweden, I will think of cats and rehab (or is it rehabilitated cats?) - I'm confused.  You must read the related posts to be part of the insider humor.

I bet Minnie would work for cheese!

It could have been worse, I could have posted baby doll mugshots *chorkles to self*

Ideal plastic blinking baby doll listed on for $6.99, from Tacoma, Washington.
She does not come with accessories."

Link to the other bloggers (fully accessorized) participating in the WWFC 30-day writing challenge ~

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