Sunday, June 3, 2012

30-day writing challenge ~ Day 3 (They Played My Song)

They Played My Song.

If they've played it, I haven't heard it yet.

They played Donna Summer's song.  She's gone - a wonderful disco diva.  May she rest in peace.

On a different tact - I love to dance, Mr. VZ not so much.  A few years back I did drag him out dancing at a local hotel/bar.  Half the fun in a night out is watching the other couples.  One couple in particular had a unique style which we affectionately termed "the monkey dance."  The woman was half bent over with her derriere facing the man's front.  He had ahold of her like you'd hang on to a bucking bronco.  Limbs a-flyin, hair a-flippin, it was quite a sight.

My trip up country to Interfaith's Great Finds in Sutter Creek, CA, thrift shop finds were the August 22, 1969 edition of Life Magazine, a Basic Editions teal sleeveless collared shirt, and a Benny Goodman CD The King of Swing, all for less than $10.

A future post will feature images from that 1969 time period including scans from this magazine, some rescued slide images and a photograph from Cape Canaveral.

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