Thursday, June 14, 2012

30-day writing challenge ~ Day 14 (Short Hair)

Short hair.  Day 14's topic of the WWFC writing challenge.

Ok, so I modified the theme from "the short hairs" to "short hair."  The original theme meant going down a road I really didn't want to travel, and since this is a no-rules competition, I've changed it to suit my purposes.

Short hair is easy, breezy, must be styled every day and requires frequent trips to the stylist to maintain.  Long hair is more versatile, it can be worn up or down, in a bun or braid, bouffant or BIG hair.

I had a hair disaster for a few months, it was cut way too short, bits and pieces stuck out in a cacaphony of hair jumble.  It was tamed by clips, scrunchies, hats, kerchiefs and smoothers.  My hair was schlumpy, so I felt schlumpy.  I got my hair "did" so I'm back (see recent photo posted on my blog).  Yeah, wishing I did look like the Henry Clive seashore beauty ....

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