Friday, June 29, 2012

30-day writing challenge ~ Day 29 (Breaking the Rules)

Breaking the Rules.  WWFC Day 29 writing challenge topic.

While I may have been one to break the rules as a youth, my work life is now governed by rules.  There are rules and regulations associated with running a business.  There are rules regarding personnel, financial accounting, trust accounting, document retention, records management and disaster preparedness.  There are the rules in the human resources realm.  In an interview, don't ask any questions about family, sexual orientation, religion or age.  You may ask if the sky is blue, but only on a cloudless day.

I also live in the grand state of Caleeforneeya (you would have had to hear Arnold Schwarznegger pronounce it to get the full effect), a place chockful of rules and regulations, especially for businesses.  You must have numerous insurance policies in place, such as commercial general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, errors and omissions insurance.  There is licensing to do business in the City and County of Sacramento and the State of California.  There are over 200 California Regulatory Agencies - the most obscure being the California Blueberry Commission.  Even blueberries have rules.  

I won't even attempt to describe the regulations involved with the California Fish and Game.  You can only catch a certain type of fish.  If you catch the wrong type of fish, you have to throw it back.  Never mind that the fish will not survive.  It will float on the top of the water, its glassy eyes condemning you for catching it and dooming it to a watery death.  You can only use certain types of hooks for certain types of fish.  You can only fish in certain areas at certain times of the year.

Just makes you want to break some rules!

Speaking of fish .... gives me the perfect opportunity to post vacation photos (having a captive audience and all).

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