Friday, June 1, 2012

30-day writing challenge ~ Day 1 (Cheese)

I have joined in the 30-day writing challenge posted by the authors of the blog We Work for Cheese.  So, I guess it seems appropriate that they begin the challenge with the topic ...


How can one not wax poetic on the the gloriousness of cheese?  And I'm not even from Wisconsin (think cheeseheads).

Jonathan Bechtel from the Health Kizmet Blog describes the WHY cheese is so wonderful

A sandwich just isn't a sandwich without cheese.  Pizza, well it just wouldn't be pizza without ______.  You get the drift.

While this is a writing challenge - there just has to be a picture!

Salami and Monterey jack cheese on sliced artisan bread.  One of my fav sandwiches ~

Link to the other bloggers participating in the WWFC 30-day writing challenge ~

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We Work For Cheese said...

Hmmm, that sandwich looks fantastic! Now I'm hungry... here, take 20 points while I go get me some salami and jack! :-)

Don't forget to link up over at WWFC, so everyone can come by and drool too!