Thursday, May 31, 2012

Along Sutter-Ione Road

All of these images were taken along Sutter-Ione Road in Amador County over the Memorial Day weekend.  

The cows ~

This is the second C.M. Russell Western print I've found.  The first, I have since framed, is entitled "Worked Over."  This print is unnamed but I was thrilled it is a C.M. Russell!  Couldn't believe my luck when I found it at the Amador Hospice Thrift Shop for $2.50.

And the American Paints.


  1. Palaminos are such a romantic horse :) You took a really nice photo of those horses.

    Thanks for linking! - Bobbie

  2. Beautiful photos and I love your print.

  3. This is really a delightful place. Put on some coffee, Tami! I'll be back in a bit!