Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby doll mugshots

The baby dolls on continue to fascinate me.  These are homeless Romanians.

The description reads, "Doll with yellow scarf is wearing tag that says, 'I am Marguerita of Romania.' Heads & limbs held on with rubber bands.  Headscarves appear to have been held on with glue and staples."  The pair is currently bidding at $6.00.  

Vintage 1940s or 1950s pull string doll, currently bidding at $9.99 (with no bidders)

Note reads, "Doll has a hole in her back where I assume there used to be a pull string.  The string is no longer attached."  Where oh where did the dolly string go?  She even looks distressed!

Vintage 1920s era doll looks awfully darn good for a Goodwill dolly.  

Here she is in the reclining position.  Bidding at $9.99.  

Vintage 1930s Composition Baby Doll is wondering What the Heck Happened? and Where Am I?  Bidding at $9.99.  

Full body shot of 30s comp baby - someone will see she is a keeper.  


  1. interesting little collection and i had no idea goodwill had an auction site...must go check that out!