Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sometimes it's just a bowl

I had gathered bags of clothing/misc. for donation at Goodwill and, of course, I had to check to see if anything new would catch my eye.  This Noritake sugar/dip bowl in the sorcerer pattern was mine for the grand sum of 99 cents.  That same bowl currently lists on Ebay from $14.99 to $28.99.

I so love this stoneware - the "pattern" has to be over 20 years old.  I have my coffee every morning in my blue stoneware cup.

A year or two back, I located a near entire set of Sango splash brown drip to replenish the set Mr. VZ had at the house.  I was THRILLED that set was priced at $10.

Do you have a favorite stoneware or china pattern?  Have you been able to locate any of the pieces in the thrift shops?  


Anonymous said...

sometimes it more then just a bowl

Anonymous said...

I sure wish I had that Sango Splash collection. Mine is getting pretty worn. If you ever feel like getting rid of it, hit me up.

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