Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We interrupt your regular programming ...

to publish these Baby Doll Mugshots!  These are the newest round of baby doll inmates listed on shopgoodwill.com.  Comp and cloth doll currently bidding at $9.00, has that startled eye, chubby cheeked look.

 Antique wooden painted doll heralding from Big Sky Country - Missoula, Montana, currently bidding at $26.15.

Vintage comp doll currently bidding at $16.00.  Such a happy baby!

Freckles ~ Up for auction today is a vintage 18" tall composite doll by and unknown maker as the makers mark is illegible.  This doll needs to be repaired as there is numerous cracks, her heels are chipped off and her right arm is tied on with a piece of ribbon.  This doll is used and sold as is for parts or restoration so there is no Guarantees, Warranties or refunds.

Poor gal is going to be "parted out."  Currently bidding on shopgoodwill.com at $5.95 with no bidders.

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