Monday, June 25, 2012

30-day writing challenge ~ Day 25 (Worst Christmas Ever)

Worst Christmas Ever.  Day 25 of the worst writing challenge EVER (JK!)  Nicky of WWFC blames Dufus Claus for today's topic.

Why this theme on my birthday?  Yes, yes, I know - six months from Christmas, works well for receiving gifts, evenly spaced and all.

There have been many worst Christmases for me, it is my least favorite holiday, but I still get wrapped up in all of the festivities.  In 2011, I did a blog post a day for the month of December, JEEZ was that hard work.  I took lots and lots of photographs and ended up liking the final postings.  This December I will produce Kitschmas postings, lots of kitsch, perhaps a little glitz, certainly all around merriment.

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Here is my birthday present to myself - a lead crystal lamp purchased at Goodwill on 16th Street in Sacramento for $20.  I thought it would be worth it even if the lamp didn't work, but it does!

Here it is, in all of its gloriousness ~

I've been on vacay for the past few days.  It is a damn shame I have to come to Starbucks each morning for the free wifi, just a damn shame ... *grins*

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