Tuesday, June 12, 2012

30-day writing challenge ~ Day 12 (In the Kitchen)

In the Kitchen.  The twelfth of June of the WWFC writing challenge.

I have orchids in the kitchen windowsill.  They bloom and bloom and bloom.  I am thinking it must be something in the water.  It is well water, sans the City of Sacramento additives (of which they supposedly filter out) of arsenic, barium, chromium, flouride, nitrate and chlorine.  Link to 2010 water quality report.
http://www.cityofsacramento.org/utilities/water/documents/CCR_LINO_web.pdf  What must be good for the orchids, must be good for me.

We also defrost meat by submersing it, while still packaged, in water.  Rarely do we use the microwave to defrost meat.  I believe that appliance changes the character of the meat during the defrost cycle.

I grow as many herbs and vegetables as possible.  My experiment this year is yellow watermelon.  I've never even heard of this hybrid, supposedly it is sweeter and more honey-flavored than the red flesh melon.

The freezer is full of upland game birds and ocean fish.  Suzanne Somers said it best, "if you can't pick it, pluck it, shoot it or milk it, don't eat it."  Of course, there is the usual fare too, hamburger meat, pork chops, whole chickens, a variety of sausages, and steaks.  We buy in bulk and then vacuum pack the meat for freezer storage.  

If the garden produces an overabundance, we can vegetables, mainly tomatoes.  A flavorful fruit to have available during the cold days of winter.  

Those are my kitchen secrets, what are yours?    (Please excuse the funky font issues, that is what I get for cutting and pasting.)

Even editors have bad days ~

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