Friday, December 14, 2012

Countdown to Kitschmas Day 14 - Reindeers and more than you bargained for ...

So wish I knew how to photoshop myself into this photo ... that is on my Christmas wish list (no, not to be a quasi-reindeer - but to receive a video editing program).  

I so wanted these vintage ceramic reindeer but I ran out of $$$ - they sold for over $30 on  I like how the littler one looks kinda grumpy.  

Now these guyses went for a smoking $5 on the same site ~

Peek-a-boo, Santa Sees You!  

Large Picture

Wait - you're not a reindeer!  via tikiranch.elsie-xmas

What I am listening to ~ Carpenters Christmas Portrait, The Special Edition.  I spotted this gem in a display case at Snowline Hospice in Cameron Park.  I admit I paid $15 for it - I am a huge Karen Carpenter fan.  This CD notes 11 unheard performances, 34 songs in all!  

And for a little deja vu ... linking to Cruising Altitude 2.0 for:

DL describes it as such:

On December 14th anyone taking part will re-post their favorite blog offering from 2012, or one that never received the exposure it should have.  I’m announcing it now, in the midst of WRiTE CLUB, because it takes almost a month for the word to spread and generate enough interest to make a blogfest impactful.  If I waited until WRiTE CLUB was complete (which will be the first week of December), there wouldn’t be enough time to fit it into this year. So please sign-up to participate with Mr. Linky below, then shout out to all of your blogging friends and encourage them to sign up as well.  Take the badge above and plaster it everywhere, blogging graffiti gone wild.  Then on December 14th as the day unfolds and everyone hops from one blog to another, what they will be reading is the best of the best (as determined by you) from this year.  The blogosphere will be chock full 2012 writing brilliance!  Encouragement, enlightenment, knowledge, bared souls, stimulation, hilarity, insecurities, success stories!  All on display…the very same day.  And it couldn't be any easier to take writing necessary!

A 2012 post that just didn't the attention it deserved was In-praise-of-books.  Seemed appropriate to direct you back to this post in light of the "Write Club" devotees.

On a totally different topic - a snippet of a UK show that is soooo worth a watch.  All the ladies in the house will understand ....

Mrs Brown gets a Bikini wax by tetleymoon

Reblogging this sale for a chance at some fun swag ... not to mention I like The Grind Haus blog images!

Reblog this and you will be entered in the Beautilation “I Survived The Apocalypse And All I Got Was This Awesome Swag”┬ámystery giveaway! The winner will receive a tote bag filled with lots of stuff from my Etsy store plus some very special one of a kind things made just for the winner. I will announce the winner on December 24 and it will be selected at random. Everybody who makes a purchase at my Etsy store starting tonight (December 13) will also automatically be in the running. Good luck, bunnies!!

This is a 24-day blog hop, you can link in anytime during that period, no rules - other than family friendly, no follows required, link up your posts that are:

Outfits - Ugly Christmas Sweaters most def welcome!  

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