Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back to our regular programming and pondering with a purpose

Phew, now that all the Christmas business is over ...

I saw this tip on a calendar, "Before putting away holiday decorations, take photos of your home's current holiday displays.  Pack the photos with the decorations when you store them.  The photos will serve as reminders of decoration placement when you begin decking the halls next year."

REEEALLLY?  I kinda just put things where I want to.  I didn't even put up a real tree this year.  Grinchmas, I know.  My decorations will be all stored away within the next day or two.


I am pondering today with brendayoungerman.  Brenda asks:

Do you make new years resolutions? And if so, do you keep them? The reason I'm asking this is because I honestly never thought I would make any, forget keeping them....but three years ago I resolved to not be as judgmental as I was and I honestly think it this year I an resolving to find out one thing everyday that makes me happy, even if it is as simple as taking the dog for a walk. Somewhere in the madness of living I forgot how to enjoy life...and honestly it is too previous not to enjoy. I would love it if you left a comment, or linked up your post....or better yet, both! Happy pondering....and Happy New Year.

I do have a couple of resolutions, of sorts, I am waiting on Wells Fargo of the Evil Empire to approve a loan modification so I can move forward with my life.  Do I keep the house?  Do I let it go?

My college education continues, baby step by baby step.  Since I work full-time, I take 3-6 credits a semester.  I don't think you would call that the fast track ... more like turtle pace.  I will get there - eventually.

Lastly, I hope to be more fashion forward in the New Year - wear more color, wear bright lipstick, be bold!

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