Saturday, January 1, 2022

Not-so-Western Quilt finally completed

The New Year begins with COVID uncertainty. One thing most certain is that I will be thrift shopping all throughout 2022, as long as the secondhand shops stay open. 

This quilt was a long time in the making, first finding the fly-fishing border fabric, and finally the fish binding fabric. Other posts on this quilt the-not-so-western-quilt and here.

I thought I was doing great sending my Christmas fabric remnants wrapped in eBay orders, then ... I discovered another tub of holiday fabric. 😕

I did an ugly fabric destash. Three bags of yardage was thrifted back. I consolidated nearly all of my remnant pieces in the dresser drawers devoted to fabric. 

The Edwin Dorris series of paintings continue to drop at a Sutter Creek thrift shop. These three went up for sale, but didn't join my collection.  

Reseller update: Even though I had listed over 200 Christmas CDs for sale on eBay, I did a major culling. Even the slightest scratch meant the CD was thrifted back. My focus will be on those in near perfect condition and those still sealed in package. 

My attention now turns to the regular CDs. I will put them through a condition check, and cull all of the oldies/country, mass produced ones. While I don't mind storing sewing patterns, CDs take up space that I don't like giving up. 

I am also culling out the needlework kits. There was a run on them in 2020. I sold more than I normally would. Now, even the really neat ones aren't being snapped up. My theory? When the pandemic forced us all indoors, we looked to sedentary activities. Now that things have opened up some, those kits will go in the back of the closet. 

I am aiming more for quality than quantity. I am focusing on uncut sewing patterns, unopened needlework kits, CDs sealed in package, and books worth more than $25. 

Pattern of the Day I have listed on eBay is this quirky bird costumes for kids.

Lastly, a couple of thrift shop items that I didn't buy and now lend some colorful images. 

Delightful painting but not for $350.00.

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